How to Avoid Silent Killer Foods

Avoiding a bunch of silent killer foods can help to protect you from developing a variety of dangerous illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. They can wreck “your heart and your health in general,” over time, says cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a nutritionist, anti-aging specialist and a prominent expert in the field of natural cardiology.


There is a time to “eat healthy and properly“, and a time to feast. Here are some tips on how to avoid silent killer foods.

Ask your doctor about dangerous foods — or call them “silent killer” foods, you should leave them alone 99% of the time. You really have opportunity to save yourself from developing a form of diabetes, heart trouble, high blood pressure, and cancer that are often caused by bad diet choices!

Slash eating the following foods to only special, isolated events “three or four times a year”. Avoid:

  • Wieners, hot dogs, bologna, spiced luncheon, etc. Muzzle your front-loading food packer device (oral cavity) from stocking up high levels of nitrates, nitrites, 50% fat and gobs of sodium/salt. If you crave hot-dogs or such, too often to avoid them — then seek light, “nitrite-free, or organic” hot-dogs. Instead eat Italian sausage that should be “fresh sausage”, so although they are fatty, they should not be laden with chemicals! Italian sausages can be split-open to cook out some fats — or look for the sausage packed freshnot in skins.
  • White flour. Turning to sugar quickly, it spike your blood sugar — instead choose whole grain (severely limit any breads).
  • Sugar (sugary foods/drinks). Of course, that spikes your blood sugar — instead sweeten your coffee or tea with ribose or Stevia.
  • High fructose corn syrup (HFCS)This dangerous sugar silently contributes to deadly cardiovascular problems. Check food labels, if HFCS is an ingredient, drop it. Research shows that fructose increases a certain enzyme that made sugar more available “to promote cancer cell growth”.
  • Pickles and olives. Avoid loads of sodium. One, single dill pickle contains a whopping 1,400 mg of sodium. If you live and die for pickles, see whether you can find low sodium (preferably sodium free) fresh pickles at health or food stores.
  • Deep-fried foods. Kick out the trans-fatty, artery clogging, heart-endangering deep cooking oils, stop “fats”. You lose all the benefit of fish by frying them.
  • Avoid cancer, mutations, toxicity. Meat cooked at very high temperature including much smoke from fats of grilling, roasting, frying and, also, smoked fish have high levels of certain aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that have been shown to “promote cancer, damage genes, and cause child developmental toxicity”.
  • Flame broiled fast food chicken. Usually containing over 1,200 mg of sodium per serving, makes much more than anyone should ever eat in one meal —instead cook (broiled/baked) at home. Full of newborn calf’s hormones, it’s one of the most inflammatory foods you could eat and “inflammation is at the root of heart disease” says, Dr. Sinatra. Instead, choose fish and skinless chicken, very lean or pricey “range-fed meats”.
  • Strictly limit alcohol. Wine, beer and liquor are “hidden carb/sugar/fat sources”. Alcohol can change to either sugar or fat!

Find your healthier alternatives to all of those unhealthy foods! Eat 4 or 5 tiny fairly-balanced meals. Eating little portions several times each day, being more satisfied, then use less carbs, sugary, salty, fried, or charred foods.

Take Omega3s and extra vitamin C, and eat citrus after consuming fats and/or nitrates (these supplements were shown by research to reduce bad effects) of consumption of such unhealthy foods.

Eat an anti-inflammatory style diet. One example of heart-healthy eating plan includes 45 to 50% slow-burning, low-glycemic index carbs; 30 percent healthy fats; and 20-25 percent protein—all of which help to reduce inflammation.

Fight off developing Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, strokes, heart problems — a “variety” of health issues and cancers.

  • Our bodies are attacked in various amounts even as we sleep. The attackers are in the air and on surfaces as household cleaning products, synthetic fabrics, carpet, fragrances, and pesticides that do emit chemicals, dangerous particles of compounds that seep and sift in, dragging us downward. For one thing, they lower the efficiency of our mitochondria (the energy-producing “generators” inside our cells). Then, at the very least, noxious chemicals create mild discomfort, and on to fatigue, headaches, digestive disturbances and avoidable moodiness. Eventually, toxins become the center for inflammation, many degenerative ailments and diseases.