How to Get Rid of Oily Face

Excess oil can give your skin an unwanted oily look that happens as the day goes on, targeting your T-Zone, corner of your nose, and even your chin. Actually the reason is that when sebaceous glands in the skin start producing excess sebum, the excess oil accumulates on the outer skin layer.

How to Get Rid of Oily Face

The accumulation of excess sebum leads to shiny look and large pores. Also, this might result in whiteheads, blackheads, blind pimples, acne problems and other skin irritations because the sebaceous glands produce more concentrated oil in your face and clog your pores with that excess oil.

Causes of Oily Skin

Genetics, dietary choices or too much stress can cause oily skin (1, 2). Oily skin can also be caused by hormonal imbalance in the body. Especially, individuals during their puberty and women during their menstrual cycles, pregnancy or menopause and while taking birth control pills, they are more prone to have oily skin.

There are other factors that exacerbate oily skin such as your daily activity and hot environments (3). Especially during summers, it is very difficult to deal with oily skin.

How to Get Rid of Oily Face

Controlling the oily skin can be difficult. However, there are many things you can do to get rid of oily skin. You do not need to use expensive, chemical-based skin care products. Simple home remedies can be equally effective as expensive skin care products.

Here are quick, easy and effective remedies for oily skin. You can use these natural remedies to reduce the oiliness of your face and clear the pores for a more pleasing look.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar make it an effective remedy for acne caused by a combination of oily skin and bacteria. Plus, it contains a great amount of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) which help tone and moisturize oily skin (4).

  • You can prepare a homemade toner by diluting a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with three-fourths cup of clean water. Apply this toner on your skin by using a cotton pad. Then, leave it on your face for at least 10 minutes. Finally, wash it off with cool water. Use this remedy several times a week for best results.

Note: You can also use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar, if you do not have any apple cider vinegar.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice acts like an astringent because it is a good source of citric acid. Plus, it has antiseptic properties which can bleach your skin discolorations and fix the skin’s pH balance (5).

  • Add one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice into one-half teaspoon of clean water. Then apply this solution on your face by using a cotton pad. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face with warm water. Lemon juice can dry out your skin. For this reason, it is better for you to apply some oil-free moisturizer afterward. You can follow this remedy once daily.
3. Egg Whites

Egg whites contain high amounts of vitamin A which can effectively dry out oily skin.

  • Just whip one egg white and apply it on your face. Then, let it dry and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this twice a week.
  • An alternative way of using egg whites is to whip one egg white and add the juice from half a lemon. Then stir them well and spread the solution on your face. Leave it on at least ten minutes and then wash it off with warm water. This remedy will also tighten your skin and removes excess oil from your face.
4. Honey

Honey can help limit excess oil production on the skin. Also, it clears pores and even reduces wrinkles. Honey has moisturizing properties that nourish your skin and moisturize your face without making it oily. It is a very useful remedy for acne prone skin due to its natural antiseptic property.

  • Apply a thin layer of honey over your face thoroughly and leave it on at least 15 minutes. Then, wash your face with cool water. Apply this remedy twice daily.
  • Alternatively, blend some ground almonds with honey to make a paste. Then, gently rub the paste onto your face. Wash your face with cool water. You can apply this remedy once a week.
5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera’s antimicrobial properties make it ideal for curing acne prone oily skin (6). Furthermore, aloe vera can absorb excess oil from your skin’s top layer.

  • Just cut an aloe vera leaf in half and extract the fresh gel. Then spread the gel on your face. Allow it to dry and then wash your face with clean cool water. You can do this 2-3 times a day.
6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes’ cooling, clarifying and astringent properties make them a great remedy for oily face. The natural oil-absorbing acids in tomatoes help get rid of oily skin. Plus, tomatoes are very beneficial for acne prone skin because of the high vitamin C content.

  • Just divide a tomato in half and massage your face with it. Let the juice soak into your skin for 10-15 minutes. Then, wash your face with cold water, pat it dry and use a light oil-free moisturizer afterward.
  • You can also prepare a face mask by mixing three tablespoons of tomato juice and one tablespoon of honey together.
7. Yogurt

Lactic acid in yogurt gently exfoliates the skin and absorbs excess oil from your face (7, 8).

  • Spread one tablespoon of plain yogurt thoroughly over your face and leave it on at least 15 minutes. Then rinse it off with cool water. Repeat this remedy once daily.
  • Alternatively, you can blend one tablespoon each of organic yogurt and finely ground oatmeal. Then add one teaspoon of warm honey into the mixture. Then, spread the mixture on your face. Finally, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face with warm water.
8. Cucumbers

Thanks to their cooling, astringent, and soothing properties, cucumbers are very useful to get rid of oily skin. Plus, the rich vitamin and mineral content (including vitamins A and E, magnesium, and potassium) make cucumbers very beneficial for oily skin.

  • Just divide a fresh organic cucumber into thick slices, and massage your face thoroughly with them. Leave it on overnight and wash your face with cool water in the morning. You can do this daily before going to bed.
9. Apples

Apples act like a great exfoliating agent and also they have mild antiseptic, astringent, and soothing properties. These properties make apples a great home remedy for oily skin. Plus, malic acid in apples helps exfoliate dead skin cells and absorbs excess oil from the skin’s outer layer.

  • Grate half an apple and place the apple particles on your face. Leave them on your face at least 15 minutes and then wash your face with cool water.
  • You can also blend one teaspoon each of grated apple, yogurt and lemon juice to make a smooth paste. Then, spread it all over your face and leave it on your face for 15 minutes. Finally, wash your face with cool water.
10. Milk

Milk is an excellent oil-free cleanser which can make your oily face soft and elastic. Plus, milk contains alpha hydroxy acids, which gently exfoliates your skin and also helps retain the skin’s natural pH balance.

  • Combine 2-3 drops of sandalwood or lavender oil with two tablespoons of milk. Then, apply this solution on your face by using a cotton pad. Then, gently massage your face for a couple of minutes to increase blood circulation and then go to sleep. Wash your face with cold water in the morning. You can apply this remedy daily.

Additional Tips to Get Rid of Oily Face

  • To have a healthy, oil-free skin, you should exfoliate your face and follow up with a mask at night. Be sure you exfoliate your face once a week. If you need more exfoliation, try a peel with glycolic acid.
  • Drink at least 10 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Consume more oil controlling foods.Foods which are rich in fiber such as legumes, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will help get rid of oily skin. Leafy green vegetables and citrus fruits are especially effective. Cook your vegetables by steaming or boiling them without adding excess oil.
  • Stay away from oil producing foods.Foods that are rich in fat, sugar, and salt can worsen your oily skin. Moreover, dairy and enriched flour products can contribute to oily skin. Do not consume these foods or at least limit your consumption.
  • Try to wash your face just twice a day. Washing too much is also a major cause oily skin. Plus, over-washing with harsh, drying products worsens your situation because your skin starts to produce more oil to compensate for all of the natural oils that were removed.
  • Do not take shower with very hot water because it strips away the natural oils from your body. This dries out your skin and then your body starts producing more oil to compensate.
  • You can use blotting papers on the go.They can be very helpful to remove excess oil when you are not able to wash your face.
  • Use good quality skin care products which are free from chemicals.
  • Choose a gentle cleanser for daily cleaning routine.
  • Try not to scrub your face too hard.Your skin can be irritated, if you scrub your face. Plus, scrubbing can make your face to produce more oil.
  • Prefer a moisturizer which contains dimethicone.This kind of moisturizers will help create a matte effect while other moisturizers may make your skin oilier.
  • Stay away from moisturizers which contain oils like petroleum or Shea butter because these compounds will add excess oil to your skin and worsen the situation.

When to See Your Doctor

If you continue to have problems with oily skin, a dermatologist may be able to properly assess your condition and provide medication or prescription skin care products to help control oil secretion on your face. You can ask about hormonal treatments because many women may suffer from excess oil production caused by hormonal imbalance. In some cases, taking an oral birth control pill can stop excess oil production.